Ok one last thing

Eesh, it’s 2014 already. Anyway, these are two of my favorite songs of 2011 that I didn’t put on the songs list because they are on albums I thought would be on the albums list, but I hadn’t figured out my albums yet and the albums didn’t end up that high. Think of these as the most standout tracks of the year, in terms of standing out from albums that are not as good. Anyway:

This song is soooooo good oh my god sooooo gooooood, but the Wild Flag album is…fine. I will learn to like it though because I am going to see them with Alex and we will be so empowered and it will be great.


Which could also be one of those ‘the video makes it better’ songs, but also this song is so killer.

Ok! 2012, I’m ready now!

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