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New beginnings

I didn’t watch the VMAs, because, come on, so I found out about the Bey Babay from a text at 9:13 last night, which read “BEYONCE. PREGNANT. WHAT?” I just feel so delighted by this news. All day I’ve had … Continue reading

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Neon Apologist’s 100th post

Man, I am behind on everything. I know I said I would blog about True Blood next, but I am always several¬†episodes¬†behind, so I think that will have to wait til the season is very over and I am caught … Continue reading

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Don’t look at me, this is a Summers’ thing. It’s all very violent.

It will surprise many of you to know that I just finally, FINALLY finished watching the last episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I know, I know, I am years behind. This is quite literally true – it has taken … Continue reading

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And write our fire in the sky

I finally listened to the new Bon Iver album, and it is really good. Sort of alienyly good, but that’s not the word. It feels like a thing that exists seperate from the world I live in , a full … Continue reading

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