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“Liberal Arts.” Come on.

I was reading an article about the new Footloose movie (“You have to treat it like theĀ revivalĀ of a play” says the director) when I thought to myself, whats Zac Efron up to these day? He’s in a Nicolas Sparks movie … Continue reading

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Or a real hero

Drive. Does anyone even remember Drive? I’m not sure I do. I saw it, then I came home and frantically found the four songs on the soundtrack and listened to them for the next week and stared into space. Then, … Continue reading

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I’m falling, falling, falling, might as well fall in

I saw James Blake in concert last night, and I just want to confirm that he is, indeed, totally the best. It was a really fantastic show. I don’t quite know what I was expecting, but there was much more … Continue reading

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