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No one man should have all that power

Whoever’s job it is to pick music for “The Social Network” trailers, I want to know you. (And I know its not Aaron Sorkin, since both of these songs came out after 1975 [burn?]) “Creep”? Really? As sung by a … Continue reading

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I mean, this blog is called “Neon Apologist”….

There are a lot of fasihiony things (that I like!) percolating up and around lately, but, maybe, all we’re trying to do is get back to 1982? I would be more than ok if the world looked like this. Forever.

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Like I’m leaving a teenage dream…

Before you start, yes, “California Gurls” is the worst. And yeah, “I Kissed A Girl” was, ultimately, lame and kind of offensive, but it was also totally inexorable. At the summer camp I worked at summer of 2008 the kids … Continue reading

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Turn and face the strange….

Hello friends. Those of you who are loyal readers of this blog (all .5 of you!) may have noticed that I disappeared from late June until mid-September (now). I have no particularly good excuse, except that I was moving and … Continue reading

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Janelle Monae: proto-superstar

Sometimes I wonder whether you can know a star when you see them. Did the people who saw Jimi or James Brown or Madonna (or Zac Efron?) in tiny clubs and mediocre audiences know that they were witnessing the first … Continue reading

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