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I saw the best minds of my generation as James Franco

You may not know this about me, but in high school I tried to memorize the entirety of “Howl.” The version I printed out was six pages long, and I made it about a page and a half through, which … Continue reading

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Restoring pithiness and/or nerds

Rally! Ok! We had one, and lots of people, and carried signs that were ironic/”ironic”/earnest/too many words on them/meta/silly. This was my favorite: And it was all very crowded, and no one really seemed to know how to feel. Mostly … Continue reading

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These are their stories.

Last night, I was in New York City (which was slightly less intimidating), and we went to a bar called the White Horse Tavern, where I drank half a beer and ate potatoes with bacon on them. Today, I was … Continue reading

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They say it’s a place where you can find love…Of course, at my age, I didn’t expect any of that.

So a few days ago we finally watched Paris Je T’aime, on Netflix Instant Watch, which is the greatest thing that has happened to my computer since Hulu. Friends of mine had all really liked it – my roommate had … Continue reading

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Hello there, Mr. Mayor

I’ve been meaning to mention that in DC this past weekend (this post, like others, is tagged “City Mouse”),  at the farmer’s market in Columbia Heights, after having sampled the organic goat’s milk cheese but before buying a fresh bunch … Continue reading

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New York you love me, but I’m bringing you down

I went to New York for a night and a day yesterday, and concluded, as I had long known, that The City is just way cooler than I am. I can be almost vaguely cool in a DC way, wearing … Continue reading

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