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I have so many feelings about that Hunger Games movie.

I mean, duh. Of course I do. I can’t even sort out, actually, if they are good feelings or bad feelings, or positive or negative, mostly I just feel….strongly. I feel strongly about the Hunger Games movie. As I was … Continue reading

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Hunger Games and hair dye

In a moment where “Hop” has the biggest movie opening of the year so far – that’s the one thats like a terrible CGI Christmas movie, only with a rabbit – ┬álet’s talk about something else. Specifically, that they’ve cast … Continue reading

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“The Hunger Games” inspires some unwieldy metaphors in me!

The Hunger Games! I read it! This book –┬áman, it is like not even worth dissecting. This thing just steamrolls you. You might as well ask whether, like, MJ sounds are well made, or, like, was Star Wars a coherent … Continue reading

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