Movies of 2013

1. Her

Without getting too personal or anything, I would really recommend this movie to anyone going through a tough time in love. Or who is falling in love, or thinking about love, at all. Or anyone who ever plans, at some point in the wide world of human existence, to be in love, or love someone or be loved themselves. It’s worth it.

2. Gravity

A movie that makes you feel everything that’s on screen, but not just adrenaline. Jolts and thumps, but sadness and isolation too, the terror of thing flying at your face and the terror of being alone in the universe. And so, so so gorgeous.

3. Iron Man 3
What. I like explosions, and snark, and Marvel everything (sorry!) and Tony Stark feels, and Pepper Potts, and Ben Kingsley and jokes and also, explosions. Come on.

4. Catching Fire

It took me ages to see this, and I have no idea why. It’s a great story! It has all these great actors! It’s explosions and crazy dystopia (no really, crazy, it makes no sense) but its also some, yknow, real trauma and heart felt and complicated emotions. They took all that money and expectations and made a great movie!

5. The Wolf of Wall Street
When I first saw it I thought it was just really entertaining (for three hours) but since then I’ve been thinking about it? Like, a lot? And it’s taken on a darkness, and a tragedy, that it didn’t have before. Become more complex. Also just, whoa this whole thing.

6. American Hustle

7. Much Ado About Nothing

8. Star Trek Into Darkness

9. Pacific Rim

10. Inside Llewyn Davis

11. Blue Jasmine

12. Warm Bodies

13. Prisoners

14. Frozen

———————————- The Line of Good Conscience 

15. Thor: The Dark World

16. Don Jon

17. City of Bones

18. The Great Gatsby

19. The Fifth Estate

 I’ve also done “Best Articles of the Year” and “Best Albums of the Year.”

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