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In which we should maybe do some thinking about what we are spending our time on

  So after AnnaBank sent me the list of her favorite albums, and her favorite TV shows, we talked about how we didn’t have lists of favorite books, because books? Does anyone read books when there is so much internet? … Continue reading

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New Years, Happy!

Resolutions for 2011 For me: – Blog more. Maybe like every other day or something? Eesh. – Stop being surprised when movies that look bad, are reviewed as bad, and people tell me I won’t like, but then I see anyway, turn … Continue reading

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Speak now

The other day, Anna and I were talking about T. Swift’s new album (duh), and she said “Anna:  oh i mean i’m not gonna like write a blog post or anything but i was somewhat annoyed” Which is, we can all … Continue reading

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See “Friendship”

“Mark Zuckerberg, defining our relationships” my friend Dylan said when I showed him the new “See Friendship” button on Facebook. But then he, too, spent several perfectly usable minutes floating around Facebook, seeing what picture MZ’s algorithm’s had picked as … Continue reading

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