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Another thing I am excited about!

An addendum to the movies from the Oscar season post the other day: Red Riding Hood DAMN. Catherine Hardwicke, you’re hilarious. Never stop. Opening March 11, 2011! Also I didn’t know this when I woke up this morning, but today … Continue reading

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What Thanksgiving Means To Me

Oh, Thanksgiving. That most heartstring-tugging of holidays. Union Station was a crowded, stressed-out mess, but the grouchy woman who handed me my Amtrak ticket still told me to have a wonderful holiday, like the metro announcer who announced “Doors left … Continue reading

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Things to be excited about (its Oscar Season! edition)

Its fall! And you know what that means – chillier weathers, lamer farmers’ markets, and Entertainment Weekly’s Fall Movie Preview! Fall means it is almost Oscar season, or almost-almost Oscar season, or at least close enough to start talking about … Continue reading

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Whats the story, etc.

I saw “Morning Glory” last Saturday, which is that movie where Rachel McAdams is very bubbly and Harrison Ford looks mad. I saw it a week ago, and all week I’ve been meaning to write something about it, but honestly … Continue reading

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“The Hunger Games” inspires some unwieldy metaphors in me!

The Hunger Games! I read it! This book – man, it is like not even worth dissecting. This thing just steamrolls you. You might as well ask whether, like, MJ sounds are well made, or, like, was Star Wars a coherent … Continue reading

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Gamechanging Hollywood’s warp speed A-list!

Two of the magazines I (sheepishly) read on a regular basis have Chris Pine on the cover this month And I don’t know if this says something about him, or about me. I do know that, based on these covers, … Continue reading

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I saw the best minds of my generation as James Franco

You may not know this about me, but in high school I tried to memorize the entirety of “Howl.” The version I printed out was six pages long, and I made it about a page and a half through, which … Continue reading

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