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(A) backlash to the backlash

It looks like there’s a little “Coldplay is not THAT bad” movement bubbling up. It’s a nice little post, and it makes sense to be out now, as there has been an awful lot of ‘we hate Coldplay’ in fancy … Continue reading

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My childhood never looked like that

(A few weeks ago, I saw three movies in one week. Now I’m gonna write about them. This is post 3/3.) Super 8 only came out a month ago, but it feels like its sort of gone from people’s consciousness … Continue reading

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Another thing I am excited about!

An addendum to the movies from the Oscar season post the other day: Red Riding Hood DAMN. Catherine Hardwicke, you’re hilarious. Never stop. Opening March 11, 2011! Also I didn’t know this when I woke up this morning, but today … Continue reading

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What a job this is

As evinced by the earlier post, my love for Katy Perry was a somewhat recent revelation.     But part of this sudden change of heart, I think, is my recent realization that, for these female pop stars, you can … Continue reading

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Yoshimi battles the pink iPhone

So the Times did all these articles called “Your Brain on Computers,” about how texting is basically like heroin. You know, it makes your brain stop focusing, and makes it hard to concentrate, but it is also impossible to stop … Continue reading

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Making a living is hard, making life is easy

So, I’m finally going to write the post that actually made me get a blog, because I had all these (now outdated) thoughts that I desperately needed to share. I read Ross Douthat’s column in the Times about fertility treatments, … Continue reading

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