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A flick about chicks, by chicks, and starring chicks

Bridesmaids! I thought it was pretty great! Really funny, although I really could have done without the “oh man how funny is it that women are throwing up its so hilarious” scene. Should have gone with your first thought on … Continue reading

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Things to be excited about: Is 2011 gonna suck? edition

I guess this is why they have the Oscars at this time of year – January is tough, man. There is so little to talk about in pop culture except American Idol that the people who care about such things are forced … Continue reading

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Credit in the straight world

So, I was telling Yoni, my brother, that after hearing about how it is supposed to be really good despite this: I finally downloaded the first Hole album, the one that everyone brings up when they say “But when they … Continue reading

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