Podcasts of 2013

Because I was like man, where does all my time go these days? The answer is, there are a lot of podcasts and they keep updating them all! I am just picking five because there are lots and I listen to them in sort of piecemeal fashions.
I’ve also done “Best Articles of the Year,” “Best Albums of the Year” and “Best Movies of the Year.”

1. Welcome to Night Vale
I can’t really convince you – either you love it or you don’t love it. It took me 15 seconds into episode one to be like, “yes, yes.” And it has only improved from there, deepened, gotten weirder and stranger. It’s funny and it makes me laugh and cry and think about the world and frame quotes that I hang on my wall, but mostly it like, expands the world we live in. Makes things bigger, stranger, weirder, deeper. Gives us all more possibilities, more universes we could be living in, are living in. Best.

2. Hollywood Prospectus
Andy Greenwald is my favorite! Andy Greenwald talking about TV with his best friend from high school is pretty great! They are just the smartest and the fastest and have the most interesting cleverest meanest discussions.

3. Do You Like Prince Movies?

Alex Pappedemas probably has the sexiest radio voice of the Grantland stable, and Wesley is the…wisest? Listening to him feels like I’m actually learning, rather than just having endless fun, though its also fun too. Also, I’m pretty sure I’m learning more about how to be an adult human (married, kids, jobs) from these various guys then anywhere else right now.

4. Girls In Hoodies

Ugh, my favorite favorites talking about girl things and pop stars and mad men and celebrity and all my favorite things. How I not like it? 

5. James Bonding
Similarly, this is made for me. Let’s talk about James Bond! The good, the bad, the trivia, the nerdery. With some very funny people! Yay! Plus, elaborate excuse to watch all of the movies over again.

And because it feels weird not to mention it – it was my first podcast and the one that got me into this whole crazy thing and I’ve seen it live twice and its still really good! – Pop Culture Happy Hour. 

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