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Books of 2013

Books, right? I actually read a bunch of them this year! Mostly because I am in way too many book clubs. Anyway here are a few that actually came out in 2013 that I actually read that you should check … Continue reading

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Podcasts of 2013

Because I was like man, where does all my time go these days? The answer is, there are a lot of podcasts and they keep updating them all! I am just picking five because there are lots and I listen … Continue reading

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Movies of 2013

1. Her Without getting too personal or anything, I would really recommend this movie to anyone going through a tough time in love. Or who is falling in love, or thinking about love, at all. Or anyone who ever plans, … Continue reading

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Albums of 2013

Hey friends, it’s January 18, 2014. Whoops? Nonetheless, I made a list, and here it is. I’ve also done “Best Articles of the Year.” Ascending order this time: 1. Haim – Days Are Gone At one point I was listening … Continue reading

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If I was going to sum up my year in 2013

Which I do need to do, since I haven’t updated this blog in nine months trololol. Anyway, it would basically be this video: James Blake, man. You all know how I feel about this. I also love Chance the Rapper … Continue reading

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Reasons to keep living

Now that we have done some looking back, let’s look forward! Gosh there are so many things to look forward to in 2013. And they are spaced in a regular way, meaning that there is always something new coming, some … Continue reading

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Best Albums of 2012

Hello! It’s early 2013 which means lots of best of lists. The master post, with lots of excuses, can be found here.  This year there were three best albums – the Fiona Apple, the Frank Ocean, and the Kendrick Lamar. Pretty … Continue reading

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