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Fandom, part 2

This is the addiction, see. Now that I’ve watched the whole thing twice through, and I’ve read interviews and profiles, I’ve made it all the way through DSS (don’t click on that). I’ve hung out on tumblr, I’ve seen the … Continue reading

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Don’t look at me, this is a Summers’ thing. It’s all very violent.

It will surprise many of you to know that I just finally, FINALLY finished watching the last episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I know, I know, I am years behind. This is quite literally true – it has taken … Continue reading

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The end, and what comes after

Madison, my intern (my what?) has a professor, she told me, who is working on a research project about the generation that grew up with Harry Potter, and what the books and the movies have meant for their conception of authority. … Continue reading

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Albums of 2010

Ok! I listened to all 39 of the 2010 albums I decided I cared about so far, all 474 songs, 1 and one-third full day’s worth of music, and then I spent like 3 weeks staring at this Word doc, … Continue reading

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What Thanksgiving Means To Me

Oh, Thanksgiving. That most heartstring-tugging of holidays. Union Station was a crowded, stressed-out mess, but the grouchy woman who handed me my Amtrak ticket still told me to have a wonderful holiday, like the metro announcer who announced “Doors left … Continue reading

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Speak now

The other day, Anna and I were talking about T. Swift’s new album (duh), and she said “Anna:  oh i mean i’m not gonna like write a blog post or anything but i was somewhat annoyed” Which is, we can all … Continue reading

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I hold you, I hold the sound

So I saw The Thermals last Friday. The Thermals are probably my  favorite punk band. What, they’re totally punk – short songs, most of which are composed of the same three notes,  which they bang out in a sort of … Continue reading

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