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Reasons to keep living

Now that we have done some looking back, let’s look forward! Gosh there are so many things to look forward to in 2013. And they are spaced in a regular way, meaning that there is always something new coming, some … Continue reading

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Best Movies of 2012

Hello! It’s early 2013 which means lots of best of lists. The master post, with lots of excuses, can be found here.  One disclaimer here first -I haven’t seen Argo. I know, I know! Iim sorry! It just, somehow slipped through my … Continue reading

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Avengers is like a really good Buffy, endlessly rewatchable

….is the text message I sent some friends after I saw it for the second time. Yessir, I have seen this movie twice. I saw it the first time on the Friday it came out, and as I sat there, … Continue reading

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‘Are you Iron Man?’ ‘Sometimes.’

So I saw Iron Man 2 a second time, and you know, I liked it. More than the first time, even. I have realized, as I believe I’ve mentioned before, that what I like in movies, often, are set pieces … Continue reading

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