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I have so many feelings about that Hunger Games movie.

I mean, duh. Of course I do. I can’t even sort out, actually, if they are good feelings or bad feelings, or positive or negative, mostly I just feel….strongly. I feel strongly about the Hunger Games movie. As I was … Continue reading

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Buffy Madness

In case you don’t follow me on every other form of social media, you should know that me and this friend I made last week at work made Buffy Madness. It was great, actually – she had been working at … Continue reading

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Fandom, part 2

This is the addiction, see. Now that I’ve watched the whole thing twice through, and I’ve read interviews and profiles, I’ve made it all the way through DSS (don’t click on that). I’ve hung out on tumblr, I’ve seen the … Continue reading

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I just met you, and this is crazy

Hey. Hey guys. Hey what are you doing right now? Are you listening to this song? If you’re not, have you considered doing that? Maybe you should do that. Right now. Every once in awhile songs come along where I’m … Continue reading

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