If I was going to sum up my year in 2013

Which I do need to do, since I haven’t updated this blog in nine months trololol. Anyway, it would basically be this video:

James Blake, man. You all know how I feel about this. I also love Chance the Rapper now, although that’s sort of incidental to James Blake, driving around in a convertible in the rain in black and white.

So yeah, that’s been 2013. Well, that and things like this:
Screen shot 2013-11-05 at 8.40.17 PM
Do you see this shit? And that’s like, a third of it. God I cannot wait until this movie is out and Tom Hiddleston like, goes and sits in his house for awhile, because I cannot handle this.

As the comments on the ONE video of these I watched, I swear, it was just one, even though there was this super sexy slow blink thing at the end. It was this one, which is basically, remember in Royal Tennanbaums when Owen Wilson does that interview on peyote and just keeps saying “wildcat, wildcat” at the camera til he leaves? It’s basically that, only with Tom saying “sex symbol, sex symbol.” Do you think Tom is on peyote? Anyway, as the comments say:

  • Liana James 3 weeks ago


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  • JoyoMaus 

    JoyoMaus 3 weeks ago

    OMG. I just can’t. Tom, what are you doing?

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    For real man. Thanks, 2013!
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