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Also, I saw the new Woody Allen movie this weekend

I was gonna write about it, but the only word I keep coming back to is “trifle.” On the one hand he cast my favorite Rachel McAdams as the unlikable awful person, and her eyebrows didn’t match her hair. On … Continue reading

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A flick about chicks, by chicks, and starring chicks

Bridesmaids! I thought it was pretty great! Really funny, although I really could have done without the “oh man how funny is it that women are throwing up its so hilarious” scene. Should have gone with your first thought on … Continue reading

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Top down, AC with the cooler system

I don’t know about where you are, but here in DC it suddenly became summer. One day it was cool and rainy, and now its hot and humid and “popsicle” has become one of my daily meals. And when summer … Continue reading

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But then, the fight game changed…

Oh man, guys! This thing! The trailer for Real Steel is finally here and it is incredible. It’s like your standard basic over the top cliched boxing movie, with the father-son dynamics, and the loans and the no money, but … Continue reading

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Mission Statement

“Actually, all day I’ve been really excited about seeing the play, but I’ve been even more exciting about getting to read the reviews after.” ~ Me, Saturday night, after the play

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