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The new generation of prophets, because it’s Ladies First.

I owe The Hairpin an apology, you know. Awhile back I was not exactly complimentary about this delightful site, and I know all of you who rely on this blog to know exactly how to feel about various goofy websites … Continue reading

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In which we should maybe do some thinking about what we are spending our time on

  So after AnnaBank sent me the list of her favorite albums, and her favorite TV shows, we talked about how we didn’t have lists of favorite books, because books? Does anyone read books when there is so much internet? … Continue reading

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Things I am just not prepared to deal with yet:

1. Kanye West – “Runaway” (Full Length Film) The constantly-churning and increasingly insane Kanye Power Hour already exhausts me, and I have not yet found 34 minutes of my life to devote to this. But I will. I’m sure. Someday. … Continue reading

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Greetings from Planet Weezy

Let’s talk about Lil Wayne.     I finally got around to watching The Carter a few days ago, which is¬†purportedly¬†a documentary about Dwayne Michael Carter Jr., but is nothing so much as just wall-to-wall quotes for your Facebook whitebox. … Continue reading

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What a job this is

As evinced by the earlier post, my love for Katy Perry was a somewhat recent revelation.     But part of this sudden change of heart, I think, is my recent realization that, for these female pop stars, you can … Continue reading

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