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Things to be excited about: Giving up edition

I’ve seen one movie in 2011. Just one (The Adjustment Bureau, and it was silly) and its April. This year has been such a cultural wasteland that EW’s lead review in the movies section this week…was an list of movies … Continue reading

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Snow White and the multiple adaptations

Man, if my Hollywood Reporter subscription ever does expire, what will I blog about? (Don’t answer that). That venerable and very glossy magazine tells me┬áthat, for whatever reason, 2011 is the year of Snow White? As in, these are two … Continue reading

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What Would Uncle Jesse Do.

This week’s Entertainment Weekly mentioned something I had not ever known before – that John Stamos played the congas in the video for the Beach Boys song “Kokomo.” Its true: Somehow, however, they failed to mention John Stamos’s incredible pink … Continue reading

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