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The end, and what comes after

Madison, my intern (my what?) has a professor, she told me, who is working on a research project about the generation that grew up with Harry Potter, and what the books and the movies have meant for their conception of authority. … Continue reading

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As if I wasn’t excited enough already

In 3D!

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Things to be excited about: Giving up edition

I’ve seen one movie in 2011. Just one (The Adjustment Bureau, and it was silly) and its April. This year has been such a cultural wasteland that EW’s lead review in the movies section this week…was an list of movies … Continue reading

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Things to be excited about: Is 2011 gonna suck? edition

I guess this is why they have the Oscars at this time of year – January is tough, man. There is so little to talk about in pop culture except American Idol that the people who care about such things are forced … Continue reading

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Daniel Radcliffe is starting to look like a housemate I used to have

HP7-1! The last few HP movies I’ve ended up seeing twice; there are always other people who I need to see them with: my brother, my high school friends, my DC friends, etc. I mean, Harry Potter, right? This book … Continue reading

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