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As if I wasn’t excited enough already

In 3D!

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Clearly I live in the right place

This past Saturday night, around 1 am, a car drove by on our quiet suburban street, with the windows down and the system up, and the sound of several raucous young people singing screaming along the words to their favorite … Continue reading

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The B is for…block? Back? Neither?

It turns out, boy band combinations work exponentially, rather than additively: 5 waaaaay old boy banders who no one remembers (-1 who found some extra self-respect/got too old/who knows) + 5 pretty old boy banders remembered as second best ___________________________ … Continue reading

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When he comes to me, I am ready

Its so gross and rainy out, obviously I am going to stay inside all day and wander around the internet and watch old Buffy episodes. Maybe I should go out tonight? After a whole day inside it might be nice … Continue reading

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Hunger Games and hair dye

In a moment where “Hop” has the biggest movie opening of the year so far – that’s the one thats like a terrible CGI Christmas movie, only with a rabbit – ┬álet’s talk about something else. Specifically, that they’ve cast … Continue reading

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