Reasons to keep living

Now that we have done some looking back, let’s look forward! Gosh there are so many things to look forward to in 2013. And they are spaced in a regular way, meaning that there is always something new coming, some reason to keep going on with life. Which sounds very depressing when I put it that way, but what I think I mean is, there’s is always something coming in the near future to be wildly excited about, to pull you along to the next thing, to be a pick up when life is boring and unexciting. In a few weeks, you can say to yourself, something I’m really excited about is happening! Like:

February 7: Community comes back! Oh and THANK GOD. There are few things I have loved more deeply and purely and missed as much (some of those things are below). Yes we have no Dan Harmon, but I am choosing to be optimistic. The cast, the writers  the set up. It will go out in a blaze of glory and we will be there.

March 19: Justin Timberlake’s new album, The 20/20 Experience. I realize some people don’t like “Suit and Tie” but I do and I love Futuresex/Lovesounds and also Justified so much and so hard and I want more. JT is fine at acting and all, but other people can he what he does on movies. No one else is doing what he does in music (littler Justin is trying, but he isn’t there yet).

April 7: Mad Men is back. Shut up, grownups are talking. Mad Men.

May 17: Star Trek Into Darkness, do you know how many times I have watched this trailer? When the first teaser came out, I learned how to do caps lock on my phone because I was just SO EXCITED. I have memorized Benedict’s little speech. I loved the first Star Trek – its comfort food for me now, I’ve watched it some 8 times. I love the lens flare, I love Zachary Quinto, I love Kirk, I love the world and the new timeline continuum. AND THEN they put Benedict Cumberbatch in it in some secret way? Gah.

July 9: There is only one volume of Saga so far, and I have read it and I just, I fell in love. Right then, right there. The story, the art, the world, the people. Everything. Volume 2 comes out July 9.

Sometime in the fall: Sherlock season 3. All those words up there, in the earlier part of this post? Just marking time, taking up space, until Sherlock season three comes out. It has to be soon. Fandom is going utterly insane.

And this is just stuff that is sequels or the next part of things that already exist! I didn’t even put on Parade’s End and Inside Llewyn Davis because they are new and who knows! Think of all the great stuff that will happen in 2013, new stuff, stuff that will have its next parts sometime in the years after that and we can be really excited about that! And then, May 1, 2015 is Avengers 2.

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