End of the year

Hey! 2012 is over! It was pretty good, right? There were a lot of movies, music, television, books, articles, exciting things to see and watch and listen to. And now that the year is over, I am reading the lists of all those things and actually reading listening and watching them! So I can spend the year 2013 catching up on all the fantastic things that came out in 2012, as I am always, always behind. Which means it almost seems silly to do this now, when I will spend the entire month of January, and beyond, catching up on the good things 2012 had to offer, so really ask me in 6 months what the best things of 2012 were? Nonetheless, it’s six days into the new year, so, here we go:

Best Movies of 2012

Best Albums of 2012

Best Songs of 2012 

Best Articles of 2012 (available on my other blog, the one about good magazine articles!)

Best Books of 2012 – Um, I’m working on reading more, really I am. Right now I can tell you that Fault in Our Stars, which actually came out in 2012, is the best sad book I have ever read and also saddest best book. Also, if you like graphic novels, Unwritten and Saga are currently killing it.

Best Television of 2012 – Just watch Sherlock already.

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