Love streaming

I have becomes totally obsessed with livestreams of TV shows.

Not a great ep, though.


There exists sites to stream things, live. Some GENIUSES decided the best things to do this with are…TV shows. Whole series, running in loop, 24/7, and then repeating. The first one I heard about was Adventure Time (duh) but now there are tons. I have Doctor Who and CommunityTWO Community streams, actually, slightly off from each other so they are always playing different episodes – open in my browser for the past week, with the sound off, just playing underneath everything I do.

This is the "classic Who" part

For instance, right now.

Now, on the surface this is actaully not helpful at all. It’s like watchign your favorite shows – all of which are available on the internet , anyway – but you can’t pause or go forward or back, and you can’t choose what you watch. It just keeps going, always. The episode ends and the next one starts, the series ends and then starts over from the beginning. Which is what I love about it. It’s like the show becomes something endless and inexorable, always spinning, always on, even when you’re not watching, even as the world sleeps. Like the ocean, it keeps going.

and more meta

Like this, but with more snappy comebacks

It’s also wonderful to watch it move, and like, change, over time. This makes the Doctor Who funner, in a sense. Community is only 3 seasons of half hour episodes, it takes about 22 hours to go through the whole thing, so it’s just constantly repeating, showing the scenes I saw a few hours ago, again. Doctor Who takes 3 days, and you can watch it move from Nine to Ten to Eleven, cycle through companions, get brighter and shinier and then darker again.

It’s this sense of motion that I love, and it’s the reason that the James Bond feed isn’t quite as perfect. I was so excited when I first found it! So perfect! 2 days for all the movies, give or take. Constantly changing. But….it is James Bond movies, but not in order. They put on what they feel like. Which is still fun! But without the sense of moving forward, of watching Connery to Moore to Craig…well, it loses, something.

I love livestreams like I love plate tectonics. Something inexorable.

Especially Daniel Craig

You can watch them…not grow!

I spent a train ride calculating how long it would take to loop thru the other things I want there to be livestreams of (that is how much I love this):

Arrested Development: 20 hours (so far!). Less than a day, looping through, letting you pick up all the references that much quicker.

30 Rock: Two days. Two DAYS of 30 Rock oh god it would be great. You can watch everyone’s hair change, and Liz’s various boyfriends flicker through, and there would just be so. many. jokes. Two days!

Sherlock is only 9 hours, total, so despite how much I would watch that livestream it is probably not quite worth it. Firefly, even with Serenity, is still only 10 hours too. Nonetheless, think of how much this would get watched.

Buffy: 4.5 days. Days of vampires turning to dust and Willow’s hair and the cycle of villains and oh god WHY DOESN’T THIS EXIST ALREADY??

Make it happen, internet.

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