I’d like to be, everything you want

Baby, let me talk to you.

What I’m saying here is, I kind of love (most of) the new Justin Timeberlake Bieber album. Of the things that I have been worrying about, I can now cross “Justin Bieber’s maturation as a pop star” off my list. He’ll be fine!

This album just sounds expensive. And not in the Kanye “Hermes of verses” way – in the same way that like, a giant CGI robot knocking into a building in a Transformers movie sounds expensive. They just put a lot of stuff into this, shiny glittery metallic fake stuff, stuff that sounds very 2012 and entirely disposable, that goes right into the ear’s pleasure centers and then right out again. Completely disposable, completely successful.

His voice is…pretty good, I think? I can’t really tell under all the machinery. It’s interesting, at least, and it’s probably as good as his hair, which is most of what he has to live up to. I would prefer a new Justin Timberlake album, obvi, but we’ll take the wannabe-Michael Jackson’s we can get. SPEAKING OF, you really need to see/hear this for yourselves:

It’s like Billie Jean but….terrrrrrible. Justin, no! I mean I guess you had to, but argh.

I’m sorry for that, but you needed to know. Here, palate cleanser:

How great is Boyfriend? So great.

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