Come back

Sometimes I get really lazy about paying attention to music. I’m always listening to it, sure, but sometimes I, sort of, forget to figure out what’s new, and good? And just listen to the same stuff some more, or, and this is the actual problem, put stuff on and listen to it without really paying attention to what it is, or how I feel about it.

When I search for “Dusty” on itunes, I get Dusty Springfield AND the Big Boi album, so sometimes I will just listen to those for days.

Music was the first pop culture thing I felt I had “mastered,” or at least understood. I read a lot of Pitchfork circa 2003, I learned about the classics and the influence and who was important in the past and now, and I felt like I could read a music review and know what was going on, before I felt that way about most other mediums. Maybe for this reason I sometimes devalue knowing a lot about music? Or, it’s a medium I find easiest to let slide, because I also think it is easiest to get back on top of.

Anyway, this is all a long excuse for not having downloaded the new Sleigh Bells album yet, or a lot of other new music that I am fairly certain I will like – the new Hot Chip, the new R Kelly, Donald Glover, Charli XCX, Nicki Minaj, the Shins, Justin Bieber (nope, not kidding). And then I was like oh huh, the video for the newest Sleigh Bells single –

I love this. I have always thought the Sleigh Bells were Made for Me; I love crunchy, loud guitars and high girl group voices, and how often do those things combine? I also love swagger, dramatic bangs, slow-motion walks through the supermarket with a dramatic mustard toss, and waiting for nails to dry. I love everything about this video. I guess what I’m saying is, there is no excuse for being lazy, and just because I’ve stopped paying attention doesn’t mean great things aren’t being made. The pop culture conundrum, right there – there just keeps being MORE, and there is never an excuse to be lazy.

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One Response to Come back

  1. Steph says:

    “I also love swagger, dramatic bangs, slow-motion walks through the supermarket with a dramatic mustard toss, and waiting for nails to dry.”

    God I’ve missed you. Thank god you’re back. Also that is an excellent song.

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