Charlize Theron and the Helmsworth (also Kristen Stewart is there)

A partial list of movies that Snow White and the Huntsman shamelessly copied scenes from, in order of least to most surprising:

Hunger Games
Lord of the Rings
Star Wars
Princess Mononoke

This moment is the Mononoke one

I spent so much of this movie thinking about the studied dirtiness of everyone.

I will go on record as a serious Kristen Stewart apologist, so maybe that made this one a little more palatable for me. Also the costumes were super great, as was pretty much all of the art direction – lots of gorgeous shots and colors and intenseness. Intenseness was kind of the theme here, most purely expressed by Charlize Theron being batshit at everyone, and really loud. Which was the point, but all that over the top stuff ended up being…sort of exhausting. Saying the movie took itself too seriously is kind of dumb, because that was entirely the point of it, but the movie seemed to think we actually cared what happened to all these characters, which…we didn’t, and thus it was a solid 45 minutes longer than it needed to be. Like the fairy tale, it should have ended with the kiss.

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