Avengers is like a really good Buffy, endlessly rewatchable

….is the text message I sent some friends after I saw it for the second time.

This is cool.

Look, I really like the Avengers.

Yessir, I have seen this movie twice. I saw it the first time on the Friday it came out, and as I sat there, in awe, I just thought, I want to see this again. And again. I never want to be NOT watching this movie.

It just hits like, every pleasure center at once. You’ve got explosions. Fights. Complicated backstories and people with dark, tragic pasts. Friends learning to work together. Banter. Good-looking people. Lots of action scenes, amazing technical wizardry, funny jokes that are still funny, butts, cool looking cars and clothes and guns and weapons and hair and something about aliens, a fight for the future of civilization and everyone sniping at each other.

Also, at one point, there is a flying, invisible aircraft carrier.

Heli whatever guys.

It looks like this, only, yknow, invisible.

Which was the moment where I was just like, they are making this movie for me. For us. Just, yknow, pouring money into it and putting in completely unnecessary but fully awesome set pieces like invisible aircraft boats that fly, or that fight in the trees with Thor and Capt America and Iron Man (wait wait, can Thor’s hammer beat CA’s shield? No! Now we know!), or every shot where ScarJo is talking to someone and when they respond they shoot from behind and below her, and we just stare at her butt. I am totally fine with all of this!

It was also just like, super Joss (Whedon).  I thought Cabin in the Woods (which I also saw again on Friday; it was a mega Joss Whedon rewatch event, we spent like 6 hours at the movie theater and ate so much popcorn #noregrets #oksomeregrets) was super Jossy, but this was even more so. Tons of banter! Implosions, and power triangles!  Coulson (his first name is agent!), dying! They made him super cute first – sweet and sort of dorky, sympathetic and often ignored, starstruck and sort of the audience stand-in and then, at his dying moment, he got a great line (“you lack conviction” is probably not this year’s “I drink your milkshake,” but,) and then when he died it was way sadder.

Is avatar the right word there?

Don’t be too sad, he has a dope Twitter avatar now.

Because Coulson is totally Wash. Aliza and I spent the whole ride back home at 1 am after the (first) movie figuring this out, and here’s what we got, in order of most spot-on to least:

Loki is so Dawn
Captain America = Riley
Black Widow = Faith
Iron Man = Spike (but like, good Spike)
Hulk = Angel (also suggested – Willow in season 7. I also like this)
Nick Fury = Giles? Ergh, no. Uh. That director woman in Dollhouse?
Hawkeye = Wesley? Mal? He kinda looks like Mal. Or Jayne. Hrm.
Thor = Anya? Jayne? We had some trouble here.


Which makes this some version of the Whirlwind, which is SO ON.

Okay they don’t all map out but some of them totally do and those are wonderful. I know we don’t know what Joss is doing next, but maybe like, a billion more Avengers movies? Eh? I would also like to see a Hawkeye/Black Widow movie, and more of Tom Hiddleston doing everything, preferably not in villain hair, but that’s neither here nor there.

There’s so much more I coud say here, I haven’t even told any of the jokes and that final battle on the streets of New York City? Ahhhhh so fantastic. Just go see it (again).

Sorry for gif-rocking

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4 Responses to Avengers is like a really good Buffy, endlessly rewatchable

  1. Michelle says:

    Actually, in the text you spelled Avengers correctly. But the point remains.

  2. Erin says:

    I love that picture (get in losers, we’re going to do science)

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