In which I nerd out.

You may not know that much about me, but one thing I really love is writing. And writers. And most especially, writing about culture, and thus, culture writers.

So I'm doing the google image random thing.

You know what they’re aren’t a lot of good pictures of? Writers, writing, written things.

Don’t get me wrong – I love journalism in general, especially good, chewy magazine writing. is my best friend, and the reason I don’t read books anymore is because I read so many magazines (or, one of the reasons. Let’s call that a reason). I have spent this week working my way through the ASME nominations for last year, sending all the ones I like to like, everyone I know, and then being like, wait I know I sent you all of those magazine stories before, but THIS is the really good one, read this one.

This is the best one, click on it!

If only I could get paid for this, somehow, I’d be set. I could send out like a weekly email – Shira’s Magazine Story Pick of the Week (say that in Joel McHale’s voice, please)! Actually, I would consider doing that for free. If I could get paid to read magazine articles and gchat them to my friends…well then I would be doing what I do now.

Anyway! The point of this post, originally, was to talk about one of my absolute favorite culture writers, Mr. Dan Kois.

From Twitter, of course

He’s the one on the left, apparently.

He wrote this beautiful piece for the Awl’s “End of the 00’s” thing, about the season finale (sort of) of Buffy which is a good place to start. Him and Logan Brown wrote what I think of as Original Vulture, the best version of Vulture, in like, 2007-2009, when it was just two dudes who liked to keep up with culture writing about things they had seen that day and doing posts like “What Happens When A 32-year old Blogger Tries to Play with His Old Transformers Toys?” (seriously, I love that post). Vulture is really like, a farm for writers who I then go on to continue to love (holla Amos Barshad) but we noticed Dan Kois especially, partially because Yoni recognized him from the Lost recaps he wrote on Television Without Pity (I am also fairly obessesed with the Original Cast of TWOP, but that may be a post for another day. Look, when you start blog posts with “I’m really into culture writing?” you’re allowed to be a weird indie snob about how the blogs were better in the old days, before TWOP got bought by Bravo and sold out…right?)

Now Dan Kois is editor of the Slate Book Club, which, oh dear, books, I have some trouble reading those? I’m trying, Dan, really! For you! He also writes delightful pieces for the New York Times Magazine, and generally gallivants around reputable places on the internet, writing more great things. He wrote a book, too, about a musician I have absolutely no interest in, but I love Dan Kois that much that I am totally going to read it (if I ever read books again).

Although I also love Hawaii!

This book.

This post has no real point, I guess, except as a sort of extended love letter to Dan Kois. It is my blog, and I can do things like that.

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3 Responses to In which I nerd out.

  1. alex says:

    all of this is completely true

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  3. Kois says:

    Thanks! This is nice!

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