The new Drake video

Remember how I wrote about how I missed cocky, funny, asshole Drake? Drake who was all “bitches will buy it for the picture,” not drunk dialing his exes and talking about his mom?


I could watch this video forever. I love the song, really – interviews ARE like confessions, and like, this is maybe the best Weezy has been since he got out of jail? But this video. Oh god. Torah cake, that white dude with the glasses out front, Wayne’s panda mask, the bad bitch, that incredible spread of Jewish food. Baby Drake! Dancing! Obviously, every bar mitzvah I went to looked exactly like this.

There’s also a video for “Take Care,” which is very much of the ‘montage of well lit silhouette of arbitrary, beautiful objects’ school of music videos. It’s fine. But the more time passes since Take Care, the more I’m realizing that this is one of my favorite songs, maybe ever? I have never liked Rihanna more than when she says ‘if you let me, here’s what I’ll do…” and that gorgeous, gorgeous GORGEOUS Jamie XX line, and even the slightly strange Gil Scott-Heron vocal breakdown, and it’s just…I love it. I do. I liked it so much I sent it to my dad.


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