Buffy Madness

In case you don’t follow me on every other form of social media, you should know that me and this friend I made last week at work made Buffy Madness.

It was great, actually – she had been working at the office across the hall for a few months and we’d had a few sporadic conversations and then we started talking about Hunger Games nail polish, she told me she’d seen all the LOTRs in the theater in one day, I emailed her about Sherlock and she sent me back a fanvid. Now we are best friends, and at last week’s Buffy Happy Hour, me and her and some other friends spent an hour of drinking and yelling and came up with our 64 favorite episodes, and then over email we argued about how to organize them and then with more drinking we seeded them all, and here is the Buffy Bracket:


You can vote on it, if you are a person who likes to think about/argue about/vote on Buffy, or a person who likes Brackets in general. Obviously I fucked them up the first time because math and also sports, but some guy in our Facebook group pointed it out and they’re fixed now. Voting starts tomorrow. Go do it! http://www.facebook.com/events/351994464837371/

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