Fandom, part 2

This is the addiction, see. Now that I’ve watched the whole thing twice through, and I’ve read interviews and profiles, I’ve made it all the way through DSS (don’t click on that). I’ve hung out on tumblr, I’ve seen the gifs. I dressed up as the characters! (For Purim, ok). Watching a video of one of the actors dancing at a wedding with his friends, I could feel it – I was, kind of done?

Still, cute!

This is like, the least creepy picture I could find.

I think it would be different if I was actively, like, producing fandom – making gifs or reblogging, or writing fanfic or something or whatever, or hanging out on forums or something (do kids still have forums now or is all tumblr ask boxes? [I have been doing this too long]). But yeah, I can feel it fading, and there’s nothing else to do. I can’t watch the show AGAIN, and there won’t be new episodes for a looong while. Jim and I have even figured out the last big mystery! There is…well, there’s nothing left, and I guess I have to stop.

And that’s what I miss! It’s so exciting to find something that you just like, go nuts for. All these frantic conversations with the two or three people who get it, sending all these emails, haivng entire conversations that are just lines from the show. Clearing the weekend because what we have to do is watch the whole thing again. It gives you…well, this is weird to say, but a sense of purpose? A guiding force for life wow that sounds insane, but yknow, something that you are doing, that you can focus on? Goals like, let’s watch this. Something to think about. An animating principle, for the week. These are things I have needed, lately, and thus Sherlock has been this like, all-consuming distraction. It’s great!

Duh, who doesn't.

You can get really into it.

So now that I’m done, I feel sort of…at a loss, yknow? What do I do with my Friday night now? What do I think about – my real life? That’s hard and full of difficult decisions and things I actually have to do. New show/thing to obsess about, maybe? Suggestions welcome.

This is all one long way of saying – you can come back to this blog, I’m done talking about Sherlock and being a creepy nerd now. Promise! Here look, Van Halen: 

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3 Responses to Fandom, part 2

  1. Steph says:

    Lies. All of it. I eagerly await your analysis of Third Star/man thrills.

    Don’t worry, we’ll be here when you come slinking back, tail between your legs ;o).

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