I just met you, and this is crazy

Hey. Hey guys. Hey what are you doing right now? Are you listening to this song? If you’re not, have you considered doing that? Maybe you should do that. Right now.

Every once in awhile songs come along where I’m just like, yeah, this hits every single one of my brain’s stupid pleasure points. The strings, the high voices, the keening chorus. I can’t stop, I cannot stop listening to this song. It has ‘lyrics’ but really they could just be sounds, it does not matter at all. This is like a straight hit of pop, you play it and it goes right in.

Given recent developments over at Young Money, I think I might have found a new favorite brand?

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2 Responses to I just met you, and this is crazy

  1. Steph says:


    (This song is made of crack. There’s no other possible solution)

  2. Kaptions says:

    Got hooked on the song. Turns out the music video is just totally turning me off. What gives?

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