We solve crimes. I blog about it, and he forgets his pants.

All right, I had a whole queue of ideas for posts, but I am putting them all on backburner because we might as well talk about this while it’s happening, and what’s happening right now is, I am obsessing really hard about Sherlock.

Just look at this!

How could I not be?

You guys. YOU GUYS. It’s so great. Jim and I watched season 1 in one sitting, and considered starting season 2 right there even though it was 2 am. We finished the whole thing within 48 hours, and we’re gonna start watching it again tonight. Season 3 cannot come fast enough (although honestly I’m not sure if I’m more excited about that than about Star Trek 2, which, DUDE).

But I’m not here to convince  you to watch Sherlock (watch Sherlock you dopes), or to talk about it anymore, except to note how ideal there way of dealing with text messages and computer screens and what not is – they just write it on the screen, next to the character.


Like so.

This is genius, and so much better than the awkward ‘looking over a person’s shoulder while they look at the screen’ or ‘zoom in on the phone’ or the worst, ‘person reads texts out loud’ thing. We all text while doing things, we are capable of reading and listening at the same time. Get on this, literally everyone else who makes TV.

Anyway, I am deep, deep, as Aaron put it. This happens to me some times, but not that often, this all consuming obsession, this pull. It’s like a physical thing, like I can feel it. It’s the feeling I got when I was reading fanfiction in high school; don’t eat don’t sleep don’t do anything else. Now I am older and wiser, so it’s more like “I put off going to get a salad at work because I was reading all the asofter221b.tumblr.com posts,” but the feeling is the same.

This blog was created for me.

This happens like, every year or so? Maybe less, maybe more. I remember noticing it really strongly when I was obsessing about Patrick Wolf – I listened only to the music and read everythign I could find, and then, maybe a month later, I was done. (Also, does anyone remember Patrick Wolf?) This kind of thing, it takes me into corners of the internet I don’t usually go, and which make me kind of uncomfortable.

Like the entirety of bakerstreetboyfriends.tumblr.com

Even just finding the picture to go there took me like 15 minutes because I just kept scrolling and scrolling through all these gifs and images and captions and geez I am glad I didn’t have tumblr in high school, I’d probably still be sitting at my computer right, watching a gif of Alan Rickman twirling around at the Dueling Club in the second movie (Do they have that? Please make that!)

Sherlock is especially fertile ground for this kind of obsession, too. Not only is it bombass great and really intricate and well made, so it rewards being looked at really closely, but also the internet is CRAZY about it. For the usual reasons: British, about science/adventure/mysteries, featuring lots of snarky sarcastic quick-speaking humor, and, of course, two pretty male leads with barely-subtext-homoerotic-subtext. The Internet is like, damn.

But also, dayum

The Internet is often like, damn.

I have NOT read any fanfiction yet nor will I, but it’s not like I’m better or anything, just older and calmer. I’m also fairly relieved we didn’t have tumblr and gifs and Omegle when I was in high school have you seen this omegle stuff it is WEIRD and role play-y and wow I would never have thought of that, thank god.

I also don’t really want Sherlock and Watson to kiss? This is a fairly uncommon position for me, I have been pretty slashy in my life. Maybe its the older/wiser thing, or maybe I just like Irene Adler too much (we are dressing up as Sherlock and Irene Adler for Jewish Halloween next week – JEALOUS?) or maybe because Martin Freeman, lovely and underappreciated as he is, is not tall lanky and handsome enough. Having spent a while (way too much of awhile) running around this fandom, I am starting to feel it more, which, great. But also, man, slashing people is such a funny thing, isn’t it?

This is literally the tamest thing I could find

Sorry, world.

I’ve thought about it a bunch, why lots of teenage girls (myself included) like to read/think about guys doing it. I think it’s partially for the same reasons straight dudes like to watch lesbians make out – more of everything we like (guy parts) and none of the parts we’re not interested in (lady parts). Especially because when you make them gay you can make them more androgynous, more swishy and feelingsy, (more Zac Efron-y, I’m saying), and that appeals to tweenage girls. There’s no competition, too, no girl stand-in that we are supposed to see through but that often we  just feel vaguely competitive/jealous of. There’s twice as much stuff to want. But I also think it has something to do with like, homosocial friendships? I have lots of guy friends, and I am definitely a believer in platonic friendship, but still the relationships I have with guys are different than the ones they have with each other, of course. And that’s sort of intriguing, you know? What’s that world life. At least for teenage girls, it seems, and maybe this holds true for porn lesbians, too (uh.).

Sorry, that got fairly feelingsy and ruminative. Go watch Sherlock, it’s great.

Ok we're done here

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10 Responses to We solve crimes. I blog about it, and he forgets his pants.

  1. Steph says:

    Oh god I just love you and this blog. I LOVE EVERYONE IN THIS BAR (and we love YOU, Drunk Ted!)

    “Especially because when you make them gay you can make them more androgynous, more swishy and feelingsy, (more Zac Efron-y, I’m saying)” = you are a comic genius. REBLOGGING THIS. DON’T EVEN WORRY ABOUT IT.

    And I’m a tween girl, but I don’t even care. NOW KISS!

  2. Rashy Fizzle says:

    I realize I’m late to the party on this post, but I also love you AND Sherlock too.

    I rewatched Season 2 Episode 3 on Friday and oh man, so good.

    I don’t really understand the teen girl fandom behind the whole thing – and yes, I do follow Steph on Tumblr, and there is a LOT of it out there, holy crap – but I do appreciate the fact that the show is very well done, the way they utilize technology is fabulous, and, of course, who doesn’t love a man that dons a scarf before being taken in for questioning?

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