Wheeee, it’s Oscar nomination day!!!

Like Christmas morning for a very specific set of nerd.
I was hoping those were Oscars on her dress, but I think they are just feathers

Like Beyonce!

The nominations are here: http://oscar.go.com/nominees. Let’s talk about it!
I’m still not going to see War Horse, Hugo or Extremely Loud and Incredibly hahahahah, I can’t believe that got nominated (“Gasps were heard from the press and others assembled in the announcement room when the poorly reviewed film was called”). Suck it, Academy. I would like to see Moneyball though, so that’s a goal for this month. Also “Beginners” and “50/50,” even though those didn’t get anything.
EL&IC though – I had been wondering what nutso terrible Oscar-bait thing the Academy was going to nominate that no one was expecting. I thought it might be Iron Lady, or maybe Albert Nobbs or something else historical. But nope! They went with terrible 9/11 kitsch (Manohla Dargis’s words, not
You know, from The Lake House

Maybe they just love Sandra Bullock?

Also, the point of those 10 (sorry, 5-10) Best Picture slots is to throw a Bridesmaids or a Harry Potter in there along with The Descendants and The Help, but instead they picked Hugo, and War Horse. It seems fairly obvious at this point that the 2008 Oscars would not have nominated The Dark Knight, which was the impetus for this whole 10-movie thing anyway, so can we just go back to 5 nominees like normal now?
Let’s see. I’m delighted that Rooney Mara got nominated, though I wish David Fincher did too. No nomination for Leo in J. Edgar :), or Albert Brooks :(.
Come on.

"Drive" got nominated for "sound editing."

Apparently the Academy hated kids this year – there are only two songs nominated, and they made up the Animated Films list. “Chico & Rita.” But hey, congrats, Brett McKenzie!
I guess The Artist will probably win Best Picture, which is very Mitt Romney.  Blech. (Also blech). If only we lived in a better world.
Super excited. Who wants in on my Oscar pool (DC residents only)??
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