Drive our ships to new lands

I like going to Jim’s family’s house for Christmas because all they do is watch movies, on the couch and in theaters. I have caught up on so much! In the three days I’ve been here we’ve watched Bridesmaids, Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The Help, and Mission Impossible: Not 3 Even though I Keep Saying That. I have also read an Agatha Christie novel, AND watched some Parks and Recreation.

They also like to eat food, and make cookies. It’s great!

Anyway, when I first saw the credit sequence for GWTDT I was like, huh, is David Fincher trying out to be a James Bond director?

Because you wouldn’t really think he would need to do that, right? (By the way world, Isdris Elba is the new James Bond, yes?)

But then we saw MI:4 today, and it has a delightful, involved credit sequence, too – it’s not on youtube yet, but it comes about 15 minutes into the movie and involves a fuse that is followed around through the current setting, showing context-less, not really spoilery shots of the movie that will follow, like they do on Battlestar Galactica episodes. Here’s a rocket, here’s a camera, here’s a fight! Like that. And you know what, it comes out really cool.

Apparently we are in an age of stylish, long, complex and revealing opening credit sequences. I’m for it!

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