SFJ wrote this thing in the New Yorker about Drake and Take Care. Some nice points, and some nice writing (some day, soon, I will write about Take Care, probably), but he also tried to say that

Drake : Lil Wayne :: Kanye West : Jay-Z

Which just like, no, that’s not right at all. On several levels, that does not work. He tries to frame it as like, differing rapping styles, and establishment versus newcomer, but just, no.

Then I tried to think of apt analogies using these people. Like, Drake:Lil Wayne :: Lil Kim:Biggie? Or maybe, Talib Kweli:Mos Def :: Kanye West:Jay-Z. But I don’t really feel good about those either.

So, challenge! Come up with an analogy using at least one of the four people in the original SFJ one, that is better than mine (not hard). Your prize is this picture:

Day Care!

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1 Response to Analogous

  1. Yoni and Alex Hart, this was originally just gonna be a gchat to you guys, so you should start coming up with good ones, now.

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