(A) backlash to the backlash

It looks like there’s a little “Coldplay is not THAT bad” movement bubbling up. It’s a nice little post, and it makes sense to be out now, as there has been an awful lot of ‘we hate Coldplay’ in fancy places, and also they have a new album out.

It is probably half the usual backlash-to-the-backlash phenomenon, wherein we all realize that the thing every hates with such a passion is not, actually, that passion-worthy, and also not really terrible. It’s also the whole, “everyone thinks this way, so I will be cool and think the OTHER way,” the usual indie-ness. And I know, you’re like “Its the NYTimes, that’s not indie,” but it’s their weird little Magazine section blog (which, incidentally, posted this fantastic three-part piece about autotune awhile back. It’s so good).

I, personally, have been trying and failing to have any sort of opinion about Coldplay for like ten years now, except that I like “Clocks.” Who doesn’t like “Clocks”?

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