I’m falling, falling, falling, might as well fall in

I saw James Blake in concert last night, and I just want to confirm that he is, indeed, totally the best.

That is purely an observation about his musical talent, obviously.

It was a really fantastic show. I don’t quite know what I was expecting, but there was much more show to it than I thought. There was James sitting at his synthesizers, but there was also a guy who played cymbals and “drums” that were actually hooked up to some electric thing, and another guy who played guitar and some sort of round machine box. There were these gorgeous lights that matched the music just so, making them part of the music, especially on “CMYK,” where they flashed red right on the “damn.”

It was one of those great moments when I just lay back and let it all wash over me, the music and the lights and bass rumbling deep in my chest. I guess I should have known – James makes these immersive soundscape things, and what better way to be totally immersed than to be there, live, with this whole experience made just for you? Anyway it was great.

He kept fiddling with it on stage, it was great.

He loves that hair flip thing.

And, people, he is cute. There was a lot of “We love you Blake!” screaming during the quiet moments, which would have been vaguely irritating(soundscapes, people!!) if it weren’t so true. And he’s British and he’s so talented and gentle-looking and he was wearing his backstage pass around his neck as he was sitting there on stage, sort of bouncing up and down in his seat as he was playing. I still love you, Jesse, but…

As my high school BFF said when she looked at a picture of my boyfriend...

I may have a type.

Oh and I was hoping he would play “A Case of You” so much and he did, as the last song of the night, after the encore, and I cried. Now I may be a person who has cried at movie trailers, Radiolab episodes, and college admissions videos, but I had never cried at a concert before, so this is something.

Is “A Case of You” becoming a thing on this blog? I’m ok with that.

Speaking of adorable things that I am totally in love with, oh man can we talk about the new Beyonce video?!?

Ahhhhhhhhhhh the multiple dancing Beyonces in a row, and her little butt shot and the one shoulder look and her ”riding” dance and the finger snaps and the yellow eyeliner and turtlenecks and the weird little marching band in the studio and boof boof baby boof! I have watched this video so many times. What exactly does “Ladies if you love your man show him you the flyest” mean anyway? I don’t knowwww I’m gonna watch it again.

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