Neon Apologist’s 100th post

Man, I am behind on everything. I know I said I would blog about True Blood next, but I am always several episodes behind, so I think that will have to wait til the season is very over and I am caught up.

This is the last thing I watched

And I haven’t even downloaded “Watch the Throne,” and so I am even behind the various critics who had to actually wait til the album came out to write about it. I’m just not ready; I spent most of December thinking about Kanye, I want to be in my own head for awhile.

This - not usually my life.

And I only read The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo like, last week, making me millionth and first person to read it, but, yknow, a decade later. It was…good? So much raping. And also, so much Swedish tax law. Surprisingly…intellectual for a massive hit. Or, I guess, maybe not so surprising. Anyway, I remain INCREDIBLY SUPER EXCITED about the movie.

What I have been doing is watching the entirety of The Middleman, again. Did you guys watch The Middleman? No? Man, so great. It was one for one season in 2009 on ABC Family, and got cancelled because it appeals only to me, my friend Tyler, and Alan Sepinwall. But oh man, this show like, went into my genetic code and wrapped itself around it and then made a TV show out of it. The perfect balance of camp, irony, schlock and earnestness. Really funny, with compelling, rounded characters and clever throwaways and a billion references, and it gets better the more you watch it. So, naturally, I am watching a one-season not-even-cult hit form 2009, for the fourth time.

Point is, this is now my 100th post (what?) of rambling about how much I’m not watching/reading/listening to. In honor of that, the three songs that I have most recently added to my five-star collection (all in one week! Remember music?):

That last video just makes think of Varsity Fan Club


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