Don’t look at me, this is a Summers’ thing. It’s all very violent.

It will surprise many of you to know that I just finally, FINALLY finished watching the last episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I know, I know, I am years behind. This is quite literally true – it has taken me more than seven years to finish the seven seasons of Buffy, especially since I started watching sporadic episodes with my Buffy friends in high school, and have seen some episodes like, 15 times, and was downloading them from Kazaa, of all things.

Season six was responsible for a lot of the slowness; it took me years to get through the angsty whining horribleness of everyone. Even the beautiful people having sex was depressing! I would watch an episode and not go back to it for weeks. But I think, beyond that, there was some subconscious part of me that didn’t want to finish, didn’t want there to be no Buffy episodes left. It was such a huge part of my teenage, growing-up-and-into-nerdom experience, such a huge show in the cultural landscape in general, that I wanted the end to be huge too. I would think about watching the fifth-to-last episode, but the timing never felt right – I can’t just watch that on a random Tuesday night, it has to be special.

So I finally did it. I watched the last four episodes in one go tonight, and I am finally, finally done. And I feel great. I always feel like there needs to be some moment when I finish a whole TV series, like a chime or a “Level up!” sign. I have checked something off on the ongoing list of my life, and I want acknowledgement! I am different now, I have Finished Bufffy.

Pretty solid finale, I have to say. Of course, I thought there would be “more” of everything, and did we need all those “ha ha, his letter jacket is a demon!” episodes at the beginning of season seven when we could have had more of like, wait, Willow made everyone a Slayer now? What? But they did a gorgeous job of making it a big deal without it being heavy handed or too much of a big deal, in the sense that it still felt like a regular episode, that just happened to be the last. And had a bit of slow-motion. And it ended all nicely sort of, “Where do we go from here,” on Sarah Michelle Gellar’s face, and she is just making the perfect, perfect series-ending face. SMG sort of still seems like a huge bitch, but I have to admit she is so perfect as Buffy. There must have been some incredible sort of mind-meld between her and Joss Whedon, or maybe she really is a fantastic (and fantastically short) actress. I do hope Ringer is great.

She is great in Cruel Intentions, too, but there will probably never be another Buffy for her. Just as how James Marsters will never be as hot as Spike (especially 70’s Spike!), or, actually, hot at all, really. Interestingly, David Boreanaz is hotter at the beginning of Buffy, and then again now that he is on Bones (oh, Bones). Late-period Buffy/Angel was sort of a Chandler-esque slump for him.  Who would have thought, of all the characters, Willow and Angel would be the ones with their own shows now? Well, everyone I guess. Eliza Dushku has always been annoying.

BUT that is neither here nor there. I have finished Buffy, and it was so great, and I feel so excellent about what the universe has to offer at this moment.


Next post: a blond girl with superpowers must choose between a witty blond vampire and a brooding brunette vampire

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