Following up, and something I have in common with Justin Bieber

I am going home for the weekend, and putting off packing, so some quick things.

Remember Olivia Wilde? Remember how she’s THE BOMB? Well, then the New York Times wrote this insanely great article, which provides more proof that she’s the greatest. She’s even hotter than you think, she’s from Washington DC (yay!), she only got into acting because her parents tried to convince her she was terrible at it, she’s hung out with literally all the famous people, and that Italian boyfriend who was a prince who she married on a bus and recently broke up with? They got engaged at Burning Man. Ok then!

I really hope she becomes the most famous movie star ever.

Also the trailer for Battleship is out:

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Where basically they combined my favorite hot dudes who don’t actually play leading characters but become my favorite anyway, and then also, its Battleship. BATTLESHIP. How funny is it when those yellow pegs hit the ship? Amazing! Aliens? Who knows! This is great!

And finally, I like, really like this song:

And not just because, guys, its a song about how Justin Bieber is great in bed (it totally is, listen to it). I was actually gonna write a post about I was really excited about Selena Gomez because this song is so good, and this video is totally tolerable, and I ALSO sort of weirdly really like “Remeber December” and then I was gonna be like “who knew! Selena Gomez, two great post-Miley songs!,” but it turns out “Remember December” is Demi Lovato. Whoops!

Have a great weekend, everybody.

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