A flick about chicks, by chicks, and starring chicks


I thought it was pretty great! Really funny, although I really could have done without the “oh man how funny is it that women are throwing up its so hilarious” scene. Should have gone with your first thought on that one, Kristen. Really, we could have done with just the part where Maya Rudolph squats down in her wedding dress in the middle of the street. Like a swan. That was funny.

The whole thing was funny, actually. Really funny! And Kristen Wiig is so pretty.

This one barely counts

It was not easy to find a picture of her where she wasn’t making a funny face, though

So pretty. She got a great haircut for this movie, even if it is supposed to look vaguely disheveled. And she dresses really nice, in these adorable little flouncy short dresses, ands she has great legs, and she spent pretty much the whole movie wearing 4-inch gold encrusted heels. It was inspiring – they made her look coltish, and never like she was rickety or falling over. I am going to try harder to wear high heels.

She is so cute!

And she dances!

But, this delightful movie has the the weight of all the female-moviegoing public on its shoulders. It’s the same as the Tina Fey problem, as Yoni and I christened it. Some day, I hope, there will be lots of movies/TV/comedies with women in them, and some of those women will be great and feminist and progressive, and some will not be, just like in life, or like anyone else’s comedy. Until then, unfortunately, the one or two women who do manage to break through are forced to be all things to all women, and of course they aren’t – they are too mean to other women, too shallow, too hot, whatever. And then people get mad, and there’s s a whole big thing. Because these shows/movies have to be the second coming of feminism, since there is nothing else out there. The only way to fix it, of course, is to have more chicks make things, all the time. And maybe to make the Bechdel Test mandatory for major motion pictures.

These women are talking, to each other, about something other than a man.

Not to mention that, y’know, it is a movie about women, yes, but it is also a movie about these particular women, and about Kristen Wiig’s character and what has happened to her and how she is feeling, and part of that is about being pretty, and other things that, yes, women think about. And of course its a movie about pretty skinny chicks – who wants to watch a movie about ugly people? Not me (I’m talking to you, Jonah Hill/Seth Rogen/all y’all). I will give you that Melissa McCarthy’s character might have served as an offensively “ahh she’s ugly EW she has sex?!” joke, but, again, only if you take her as being representative of all women who have ever been and how you are allowed to make fun of them. To me she just seemed like the Zach Galifinkas character in this particular ensemble, and, also, she was really fucking funny.



It occurs to me now, actually, that “Bridesmaids” fails the reverse Bechdel Test, or whatever you’d call it; I don’t think any men talked to each other in the movie, ever. Ha! How bout that. See how it feels now, men in the audience!

Ok but now I am talking about politics and stuff and that is boring. This movie is not boring! This movie is really funny, and it felt real, at least some of the time, in the way the women talked to each other and interacted. I admit that that means that sometimes I was sitting there thinking “Yes, I like this” rather than just, y’know, liking it. But about an hour and change into it, when Kristen Wiig’s character is making one lone solitary cupcake for herself (her character’s thing is “baking” which, ok, fine, everyone needs a “thing”) I remember sitting there watching it and thinking, “I don’t want this to end. I am enjoying being in this world with these women, and the pretty heels and the jokes and what DOES one do about your best friend Annie, when she gets married? I want to find out.”

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