Top down, AC with the cooler system

I don’t know about where you are, but here in DC it suddenly became summer. One day it was cool and rainy, and now its hot and humid and “popsicle” has become one of my daily meals. And when summer comes, I listen to more rap.

As the seasons change, so does what’s on my iPod. I doubt I’m alone in this, but I’ve only recently realized how steady the rhythms are – guitars and throaty singing in winter, when I want to wrap myself in blue, and hip-hop as it gets hot enough to be driving slow with the top down, checkin’ out the hotties on the corners (I have never actually done this). Around September I’ll look at 23 albums worth of Lil Wayne and just feel so tired and put on, like, the Postal Service, or something. But then yesterday I listened to “Diamonds on my Neck” ten times in a row, again, so, it must be summer.

All of which is just a way of introducing the new Nicki song. And video. At first I wasn’t sure about it, but now I like it, kind of a lot!

Caroline: so basically
  i was hoping a song called “super bass”
  would have
  you know
  a super bass
It’s got kind of a Katy Perry-vibe, am I right? With the multi-colored girls in the sneakers, bouncing around. And all the pink. But also more in line with the Nicki weirdness that I was so longing for there to be on her album. What’s off-putting at first is her old-school deep throat-y screamy thing, which is kind of a scary sound, even if what she’s saying is just “my my my you’re like pelican fly” (that gets more adorable the more I hear it). But that chorus! It’s just pure sugar. It’s gorgeous. I hope this leads to great things for Ester Dean, whoever she is. 

This is who she is.

The video is pretty great too. I love the pink catsuit on the motorcyle made of ice (in the words of a YouTube comment I can’t find now, “They put an extra B in that song title.”). I love the aforementioned sneakers. I love how janky the dancing is – what, we’re dancing here! This isn’t some high production values glossy number, you could do it, too. There’s lots of smiles,

Oh my

and fun,

We are all having all the fun!

really something for everyone. That moment at 2:18 when the drums cut down and zoom bridge comes in and the everything slows down and we go to black light, with those huge lips – honestly, I think that moment is so weird and cool and perfectly executed. Art, even, at least by summer music video standards. I am getting excited, now, to spend the next few months strutting around in tiny shorts, slurping brightly colored frozen alcoholic drinks and loudly saying “back coupes up, and chuck the deuce up.” (It’s even better if you can think of the picture they use for that line at this site I found when I was trying to figure out what “slicker than the guy with the thing on his eye” meant. Did you know about this site? This is so great!).

On a not-totally-unrelated note, I’ve been liking “Massive Attack” more and more too. Do you realize that was just a year ago? Gosh Nicki how far we’ve all come!

Point is, I would be nothing but delighted if “Super Bass” was the song we heard from boomboxes and radios and cell phones all summer long, although we all know it won’t actually be. (Can Katy Perry really be the Song of the Summer for the fourth year in a row? Maybe! But that’s another post.) Of course, it will never quite live up to the ultimate vaguely-car-related, overly pink and bubblegumy summer female rap song about bass…

but what could. “Cars That Go Boom” is a foundational text. Also, there is a video somewhere on Facebook of me and Caroline lip-synching to it in a rec room in upstate New York while wearing purple fishnets and a fedora, respectively.

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