But then, the fight game changed…

Oh man, guys! This thing! The trailer for Real Steel is finally here and it is incredible.

It’s like your standard basic over the top cliched boxing movie, with the father-son dynamics, and the loans and the no money, but also, fighting robots. And the skinny pretty girl, and the black loan shark, and the fighting robots. The Anakin Skywalker kid looks incredibly annoying, but that’s ok, because he is only one of the three underdogs in this heartwarming underdog American sports story. It’s like underdogs squared! He’s a sparring bot! This isn’t a video game, it’s real! Anything I can use to put a fighting robot together! A FIGHTING ROBOT!

I really, really hope that people in the future look back on this movie as alarmingly prescient, because in the future it is always raining and we are controlling robots with our minds (or training them? Its unclear to me) and doing things right by kids and the sportscasters are like “This bot is one to watch!” and fighting robots.

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