When he comes to me, I am ready

Its so gross and rainy out, obviously I am going to stay inside all day and wander around the internet and watch old Buffy episodes. Maybe I should go out tonight? After a whole day inside it might be nice to get out…

And then the internet showed me the new Lady Gaga song.

Let’s go dancing tonight.

Like this.

This is great, this is fun, and so weird, and maybe not quite as catchy as the old Gaga songs, but maybe it is, and those older songs aren’t as catchy as I remember, and this is growing on my fast, and its so weird. I was worried she wasn’t weird enough anymore. I’m less worried now!

Its so big and weird and catchy and strange, and that bass line! And delightfully fuzzy, plus nonsense syllables and some sort of weird accent and lines like “I’ve learned love is like a brick, you can/build a house or sink a dead body” and “Judas kiss me if offensed/or wear ear condom next time.” Ok!

An "ear condom" is something like this, presumably

I am starting to like Gaga-world, being pulled all out of the existence we live into her nonstop, perspective-less, its-all-about-the-Monsters existence. I mean, if she was living down here with the rest of us, then the things she throws out would just sound like us, right? And this, well, doesn’t, for better or worse. I guess its a given that blond mega-popstars turn to religion, but at least this sounds (looks?) more like a Justice song than like another Madge ripoff.

I eagerly anticipate listening to this song while under the influence in a crowded, sweaty room full of strangers.

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5 Responses to When he comes to me, I am ready

  1. speaking of Justice, do we need to talk about the “Civlization” video/Adidas ad? Katy Perry??

  2. Steph says:


  3. Yoni says:

    Good song and all but is anyone else getting seriously tired of lady gaga repeating her own name all the time? Lyrics please?

  4. AnnaBank says:

    No, I’m sorry. This song makes my head hurt. I couldn’t even listen to it once all the way through.

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