Hunger Games and hair dye

In a moment where “Hop” has the biggest movie opening of the year so far – that’s the one thats like a terrible CGI Christmas movie, only with a rabbit –  let’s talk about something else. Specifically, that they’ve cast the Hunger Games movie, and now I can talk about my feelings about their choices!


Jennifer Lawrence? Great choice, man! If you’re going to make a franchise, a rock-em sock-em fantasy saga with the passionate love triangle and the forces of  darkness and the spunky (orphaned) hero – and not a moment too soon – why not get the youngest Oscar winner around? The only real, reputable actress who is still too young to drink (and who isn’t a Fanning, ok)? I haven’t seen Winter’s Bone,  (should I? Still?) but yknow, people say it was quite good and she was in it playing a girl who is desperate and frightened and steely and determined and wandering in the wilderness with people who want to kill her. SO I THINK THAT SHOULD WORK.

People will be chasing this girl around with machetes or something

Plus, she’s super hot (people, we can deal with the blond thing. If I can be blond and brunette within the course of a year (also purple!), anyone can). I know in the books no one ever says Katniss is hot , but she is, you know she is. People are falling for her all over the place, and she’s always very much holding the camera and people’s attention and whatnot, and being on fire. In sum, a hot, talented, young actress, who is also full of buzz and all, seems great.
Peeta is going to be played by this kid named Josh Hutcherson? Ok. He was Laser (“Laser”) in The Kids Are All Right, which, you know how I feel about that. Not that I have anything against the (brunette!) Hutcherson, or anything for him, or anything at all.  For me, Peeta was always the character that didn’t quite come alive, or that I couldn’t quite work out or picture – maybe because he is always described by Katniss, and in befuddled and shifting ways, anyway. Peeta is…blond. Big. A baker. Nice?

This could work.

And then for Gale they got Liam Helmsworth, whose claim to fame is being less of an actor than Miley Cyrus is.

Apparently has good upper body strength, too

But really, I’m not complaining or anything! One of the things I like about THG (thats the acronym…right?) is that Katniss’s big choice is between two men, two big, burly testosterone types. There’s no tired “nerd” option (I guess there are no nerds in this futuristic dystopia), no “long-ignored, sheepish and kind friend who is suddenly seen in a new light,” no tame, easy option, no safe, tween-appeal, wish-fulfillment-for-the-nebbish-screenwriter option. Nope, Katniss gets Peeta, who is described as “strong,” and “muscular” and “broad” and, yknow, a dude, and then Gale, who is, and more than once, described as “too male.”

This is Liam Helmsworth

You go, Katniss. I am excited for the times she punches both of these people.
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