Things to be excited about: Giving up edition

I’ve seen one movie in 2011. Just one (The Adjustment Bureau, and it was silly) and its April. This year has been such a cultural wasteland that EW’s lead review in the movies section this week…was an list of movies coming out in the future that they might be excited about.


There was also an article about all those damn Snow White movies. Three is just too many, man!

We just have to make it to April 8, though, because then we have Arthur, where Russell Brand whines and cavorts, and also Helen Mirren. And Soul Surfer, which I know, gross, but it takes place on Kauai and I was just there.

Also this is probably the most hilarious poster ever.

And then there’s Hanna? Which, yknow, I like little girls, with guns. I like girls with guns, period. And Your Highness, which is confusing – James Franco, Natalie Portman…Danny McBride? In like, medieval times, but also pot?

Nonetheless, more promising. So once we hit April 9 we’re safe, right?

Perhaps not.

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2 Responses to Things to be excited about: Giving up edition

  1. Yoni says:

    Best thing to discuss about Hanna–Joe Wright is directing it. Weird. Probably great?

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