Media nerdery

I was on vacation last week, in Hawaii (!). Somehow I thought that being on vacation would mean I would have so much time and so many thoughts and do all this posting, the wind in my hair as I lounged at the beach, fingers clacking away at the keys. Actually, nope! Turns out that wind blew straight through my mind too, emptying it of all thoughts whatsoever, just flickery breezes. I spent a lot of time just sitting and staring at the ocean, totally not thinking of anything.

Jim took this picture!

This ocean

Also, though, I read books! Ok, well, like two books. Still, it had been an embarrassingly long time since I’d actually sat down and like really read something, long, all at once. I finally finished Mockingjay; I cried three times. I finally started Special Topics in Calamity Physics, which my mom gave me for Hannukah like 5 years ago.

Its very good but kind of long

Now that I’m back at work and back with steady interent connection, its harder to actually sit down and read. You have to immerse yourself in different ways for books and for reading articles online and movie reviews and The Hairpin and shit, but mostly its just a matter of capacity. No matter what you’re reading, there’s stuff to hold in your head – names, characters, places, the structure of the story, what is important and why, arcs, developments, contradictions. Its a challenge, or whatever, its what you do when reading. Articles are shorter, so they can pack more information quickly, whereas books draw draw out characters longer, building up facts that end up being more like feelings, or, yknow, something. Either way, both are taxing in different ways, and when you are used to one, it is hard to switch to the other.

Will I ever finish "Special Topics"? Probably never!

So now I’m back fully back in the tab world. I subscribed to the New York Observer‘s media blog, because I realized I really really cared that Adam Sternbergh had moved to the Times from NYMag. I used up my 20 free NYTimes articles in less than two days. And then I found this. Dude, did you realize that moot is like, totally hot?

Like, super cute!

In a geeky, Jesse Eisenberg kind of way, of course. Which, like, its 4chan, how could he not be. Still, really cute!

Not just in that one picture! All the time!

Who knew!

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